OZ ANEW !

     OZ ANEW (musical Operetta)

Based on the book and the Broadway Musical by L. Frank Baum and Paul Tietjen.

Adapted by Mik Levey, with Music and Lyrics by CJ Kasey, Michael Gershowitz, Lindsey Cunningham, L.Frank Baum, Paul Tietjen, David Kotzebue, Ryan Brown, Laila Vafaeezadeh,  Paolo Angelucci, Evan Mcpherson, Brett Schieber, C J Kasey.  

Introducing Ron McCain as the show's Costume and Set Designer. Ron is a freelance Comic Artist from Marvel/DC/Dark Horse. We are very proud to have him on our team.  

And our new Co-Producer and Marketing and publicist for Oz ANew Michael Montgomery.

This brand new production of America's favorite American Classic story is brought to you by a Award winning NYC Director and Writer, based on the original book of the Wonderful Wizard of oz, and the backstories of the character's that Dorothy and Toto are introduced to.  

Oz is not a happy fairy tale, politics and intrigue are rampant as power struggles between opposing forces divides the land and its people. It is here that a young Orphan girl from Kansas first enters the story as a helpless traveler and later becomes Oz's greatest heroine. Lifted from the pages of L.Frank Baum's Oz books, the history of the land and its strange inhabitants are presented by Page 2 Stage Entertainment. With lush and exciting and at time's intoxicating Score, this World Premiere of OZ ANEW should not be missed by any Oz fan or book reader.