OZ ANEW

MIk Levey:

Born with a heart problem and adopted at the age of two, Mik had no idea that the loving and kindhearted family that adopted him would introduce him into the world of hair, makeup, costumes and extremely hot lights. Mik's stage credits include being the stage manager for the off-Broadway show "Dogs playing Poker," lighting and sound for "Hamlet" and Writer/Director/Producer of the New York SpotLight On Award-winning reading of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Michael is also the nephew of the Lyricist Carolyn Lee of the Broadway Musical "Peter Pan."   Michael has also worked in the film industry as an extras-wrangler for " Lies and Illusions" and "End Game," as an assistant to the director on "If You Only Knew" and as casting assistant on the film "Niagara, Niagara." Mik would like to thank his so-producers and different casts for their dedicated hard work and professionalism as well as his friends and family for their moral support and unconditional love.  


C J KASEY (Music and Lyrics): 

lives by the timeless words of William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage... and one man in his time plays many parts." Some of his most recent parts have been Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," Charlie Brown in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown," Rooster in "Annie" and, of course, the Cowardly Lion in Michael Gershowitz' first Seattle workshop of "The Wizard of Oz" which was staged  four years ago. Since then he has been working with Michael to create an all new Oz, and even had to step BACK onto stage as Nick Chopper, the tin woodsman, for the 2009 production.  He has also started work on a new stage musical interpretation of Edger Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." He also read for Oz's Nick Chopper in the Seattle reading of this new script and music. 

LINDSEY CUNNINGHAM (Lyrics) :Lindsey was born in Nashville Tennessee. He worked at Opryland USA as a dresser in the entertainment department. Lindsey moved to Orlando, Florida, where he worked for SeaWorld and various other theme parks. While in Orlando he worked for America's Health Network as a fashion coordinator. He also acted in HBO's "From the Earth to the Moon" with Tom Hanks and acted in commercials for Opryland. He opened his own business, Spotlight Fashions, in 1983. He has lived in Seattle the past four years. Lindsey also has a twin brother who is the creator of "Men in Black."


R ALISTER BROWN (Music and Lyrics):

PAOLO ANGELUCCI (Italian Composer):  Paolo Angelucci  Born in Rome in 1960, has, as many of famous italian Songwriter, a double life: he is Composer and Teacher/Professor. The second career began with a Degree in Latin an old Greek Language and Literature and a Master in Paleography and Archivistic and continued teaching in High School and as contracted Professor of Latin and Archivistic in the Faculty of History of the European University of Rome.

Three books written and published by a german Publisher, have been bought by the most important Libraries of Classics in the world. 

RON MCCAIN (Set Designer/Costume Designer): 

JUST SO NORTH/JENNY LYNCH (Costume construction): 

VINCENT MYRAND (Painter/Props/Set Construction): 

MICHAEL SCOTT (Publicist/Co-Producer/Marketing):