Poster's and Sketches. Poster's and Sketches. Gates of Emerald City. Hears a sketch for the Gates of Emerald City of Oz. Artist. Jon Hammond. 115409193 SHOW BILL: L.Franks baum's Oz A New Musical. Show Bill from the 2009 Reading held in Pike Place Market. 124081842 SHOW BILL: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz A New Musiacal 2007 The Show Bill ciover for the wizard of oz workshop in 2007. 124081957 SHOW BILL: W.W. OZ A NEW MUSICAL. NYC reading 2010 Cover to the New York City Reading in 2010. 124081981 159423259 159423260 159423261 159423262 Sketch of Kansas. 147057369 159423263 Munchkin Cornfield Sketch., Munchkins Cornfield with pole where the Scarecrow is placed. 147058364 159423264 Cowardly Lion Cover Cover art draft for the Cowardly Lion's back story graphic novel. 176567536 Designs for Kansas pieceses. A Barn, Toto's dog house, House, prairie flowers 147058365 Theater modle. Munchkin Forest theater modle. 2007. 147058366 Witch's Spell castle Theater Modle. Witch of the West's Castle, with hanging drapes, and platforms with steps. 147058367 Oz Logo 2 2019 205705361 Oz Logo 1 2018 205705362