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"A Place to Call Home" Dorothy Gale. Graphic Novel. #5


"A Place to call Home" Dorothy Gale and her little dog Toto are sent to live on the boring flat plains of Cotton Wood Falls Kansas. Learn what her life was like before the death of her parents, learn how she required her little dog Toto. Find out about her mother and fathers relationships with her Aunt and Uncle. Learn what Dorothy was doing and thinking before that Cyclone blew her away to the magical Land of Oz.

Illustrated and inked by Aaron Rutten and Cover Art by: Dough Stambaugh.

Adapted by Michael Gershowitz, and Casey Wood.

based on the characters of L.Frank Baum.

this Novel comes with a CD of Dorothy's Song  "Some place to Call Home"

and "Poor Lost Girl.".

based on the creatures and people by L.Frank Baum.

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