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"Brainless" Scarecrow's Graphic Novel. # 2


Hear is a Story very few hear tell, about the smart and friendly Scarecrow that Dorothy rescues from being stuck in a Munchkin cornfield. See what happens, when a important guest visits the Munchkin Mayors farm and his wife, see how events bring Scarecrow to life and how he handles the new world before Dorothy comes into it.

adapted by Michael Gershowitz and Casey Wood

illustrated and inked by Aaron Rutten with cover Art by Dough Stambaugh.

based on the creatures and people by L.Frank Baum.

you will also get a CD of Scarecrow's song. "Brainless."  "A Man of Straw."

Music by Casey Wood,L.Frank Baum, Paul Tietjen, Ryan Brown,George De Roches,Lyrics by Baum,Tietjen,Michael Gershowitz,Ryan Brown,George Des Roches.

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