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"If I Don't Have a Heart" Nick Choppers graphic Novel. # 3


We all think we know the full story of how the Woodsman became made of Tin, but read our story, and see what you think, a lost father, a evil Witch, a love which he was promised to since they were teenagers, and there love that would shake Munchkinland up for ever. See what happened before the Scarecrow and Dorothy rescued him from rusting.

Illustrated and inked  by Aaron Rutten. Cover Art by Aaron Rutten.

adapted by Micahel Gershowitz and Casey Wood.

based on his back story, and incidents of Oz from later Baum books.

All created by L,.Frank Baum.

with this Graphic novel comes a CD of the song "If i Don't have a Heart." and "Witch's Spell."  from our new Musical.

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