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Rules the Land of the East, is the twin sister of the Witch of the West. Hates to be confused with her sister (which people do.) Has plans of her own to try and take over Oz and out due her sister. Has a pair of magical Silver Shoes, that have been handed out from mother to Daughter for ages. She hats to loose bets, she and her sister make a deal, that once her servant, Nimmie Ammee, is trained and ready to help her, she will send her sister the Silver shoes. She finds out that a local munchkin woodcutter (Nick Chopper) has fallen for her servant, and they both are in love. She takes Nimmie away from him by drugging her and sending her off to the witch of the west. She then places es a spell on Nick Choppers axe. Making him loose his limbs. She is proud of herself, but its short lived. One day while hitting a bunch of munchkin maidens with a cat of nine tails she is killed by a falling house from the sky.


Married to Peter Boq the mayor of Munchkinland, thanks to the death of the Witch of the East. Has three kids, and is a loving figure in the munchkin farmlands. She and Boq were collage sweet hearts.


Queen of Keys in munchkinland. She makes, and sells keys, and worked at the castle for the Wicked Witch of the East.


She and her husband make and sell doors in munchkinland.


Munchkin shop owner in town. Munchkin cat lady. 


Married to Milla, is a father to three, loves being a farmer and a mayor all at once. Has heart, and tries to stand up for whats good in the land of Oz.

He's 18 years old son to Peter and Milla Boq.


Munchkin husband to Christine, and is great with metal and shaping it. loves his wife.


Munchkin Sheriff, was the head of the Munchkin soldiers when the Witch of the East was alive. a great man, but ashamed of how he has treated his fellow Munchkins. Wants them to forgive him again. lost his daughter to the Witch of the East, (Nimmie Ammee.)


Munchkins that go to collage in there late teens and early twenties.


She is the older sister of the two Good line, she and Glinda are sisters. She has seen and helped defeat many foes in Oz, and is working with her sister to get the other witch out, and help the wizard of oz stay in power. She lives in the Gillikin country and rules the North winds. She sends Dorothy to the Emerald city with the protective kiss, a pair of Silver Shoes, and she watches over the child. She also likes the munchkins and a good laugh.  


Was the ruler of the Winkie nation and the Winkie land as far as the West can see, but when the Witch of the West used the Golden cap and took over the land, she was forced into Slavery, her husband was killed by the Witch of the West, and has been serving her until her watery death by Dorothy Gale. 


Is the twin sister to the Witch of the East, because she has their mother's Grimmerie and wants all the power for herself, including the magic of the Silver shoes.  Which she and her sister make a packed, that once Nimmie is ready to work for her full time as an apprentice she will be given the Silver shoes, and in return they will help eachother take over Oz and get rid of the Wizard. She is horror struck when she learns of her sisters death, and then of the fact the silver shoes that would have gone to her are given to a stranger, and are about to land in the hands of the Wizard of Oz. She feels that she needs to get the shoes back, and get ride of anything or one who stands in her way. 


Was built by the munchkin mayor, and Christopher munchkin out of straw, and cloth, and old munchkin clothes and an old munchkin hat with bells around the brim. He is set up on a pole to scare away crows, but cant seen to do a good job, hes told by the old crow if he had brains he would be smart like humans. Its only when Dorothy wearing a magic Diamond ring asks for some one to talk to that he's wished alive and joins her on the Road to Emerald City to ask oz for a Brain. He later goes on to become king of Oz, and had great adventures. 


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